Boskop Dam is probably best known to bass anglers, however the dam also holds carp, barbell, yellow fish and mudfish and host’s a number of fishing competitions throughout the year. Bank angling from TangleWood is limited due to the water grass surrounding the shoreline and you are advised to use a kayak / boat / inflatable if you are planning on fishing Boskop.




All other vessels, kayaks, wind surfers, inflatables, kick-boats

R 30

Vessels > 15HP

R 70



Boskop Dam is a government owned dam and provides drinking water to Potchefstroom residents. You are requested to adhere to the Boskop Dam water use rules. Non compliance may result in you being requested to leave the water & future access via TangleWood refused.


Water Access Pre Launching Requirements

- Skippers License & Certificate of Fitness (COF) must be presented on arrival when required by law

- Boats will not be allowed to launch without the required documents.

- All safety requirements must be adhered to.


On & Off Water

- Boats are only allowed to be launched from the jetty.

- Boats are allowed on the water from sunrise to sunset, and must be OFF the water before dark.

- A UPN may be activated if you do not return before dark. All associated costs will be for your own account.



- Boats must be washed before & after leaving the water.

- Boats may only travel on the water at IDLE speed. Engage gear – NO acceleration. NO Speeding Allowed!

- NO entry into any buoyed-off or “No Go” zones including the Dam Wall as per the Boskop Dam Surface map. We reserve the right to fine customers R500 if accessing restricted areas which result in a UPN being activated.

- Kick-boats & yachts have right of way and courtesy between boats must be adhered to.


Children < 17 years

- Children are required to wear a life jacket at all times and may not operate a boat unless accompanied by an adult. Non-negotiable.

UPN Systems 

- Boskop Dam utilizes a UPN system which is linked to various Emergency services & authorities. Please obtain a UPN Instruction Brochure when signing your boat in and familiarize yourself with the Instructions.

- In the event of any Emergency on the dam, you are requested to please immediately use the UPN System.