Boskop Dam | North West, South Africa  | P.O. Box 19654, Noordbrug, 2528 |
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Boskop Dam, is situated on the Mooi River about 14 km northeast of Potchefstroom. The dam offers the perfect opportunity to spend some relaxing time on the water and while canoeists ply the dam's surface the fishermen probe beneath for Bass, Carp, Barbel, Yellowfish and Mudfish. The dam and its surroundings harbour a rich bird population, including Duck, Drake, Avocet, Goliath heron and Fish eagle.

The Boskop Dam Nature Reserve is situated across the dam from TangleWood and offers 3000 hectares of rolling grasslands, giving visitors sightings of Zebra, Black Wildebeest, Eland, Springbok, Giraffe and Blesbok.

Boskop Dam is one of the most visited reserves in the North West, but few people spot one of its rarest species - Lithops sells- a succulent that resembles a stone. The well known Orange River lily (Crinum bulbispermum) & beautiful coral bush (Erythrina zeyhefi), with its characteristic scarlet flowers, are more readily visible.