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Being able to move, somewhat unrestricted, feels incredible.

We get up, load the car, place the doggy blanket on the backseat, grab our steaming hot coffee & make sure everyone has a jacket. We are heading out to our favourite #destination for the day, to relax and take a #hike with the #family and our #four_legged_friends.

The atmosphere is filled with relief and #excitement, it's been weeks since we have seen the #dam and #campgrounds. It must look like a scene from a fairytale with all the #wintershaded leaves everywhere.

Day Visitor Form - check, something to eat - check, dog leashes - check, off we go - finally.

And suddenly we all remember...our #masks!

All of us get to feel like a #superhero these days, so let's keep on being hero's and wear them for the sake of #safety & #consideration.

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