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Promised waters await...

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

It's official, the post went out, pictures were published, we are awaiting your #return. From 9th of June 2020 our gates are wide open, you are coming to #fish_at_Boskop.

The entire #TangleWoodTeam filled with anticipation, could not wait to #welcome back each and every Fisherman & lady. The previous evening we received messages and videos on social media platforms, where guests were bursting with excitement, counting down the hours until #launchtime, getting fishing gear ready, making sure boats were sparkling clean and filled up. This was indeed a day to #celebrate and feel uplifted.

To each and every guest that visited us today, to #returning faces and some #new ones, we would like to express a word of #gratitude for your loyal support. The warm hello's coming from behind a mask, the sight from the jetty area where boats were launched, the smell of two stroke and the bright sun lighting up the dam to create spectacular scenery for the most perfect pictures. Even #Bruce came by to greet everyone and see what all the fuss was about, did his morning inspection past all the boats and off he went again.

So if you haven't heard the #news yet, we are open and you are #welcome to drive out for the day.

Please use the following link to download & view our latest #terms and #updated_tariffs, as there are a few new #regulations we have to adhere to.

We need your full #cooperation to keep TangleWood open and yourself, happy, healthy & #safe!

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