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Welcome to our TangleWood Blog

We're entering week ?*&* (can't remember anymore which week we're in) of #COVID19 lock down and the last two months have been a #rollercoaster. But, we've put our time to good use at TangleWood with asset counting, deep cleaning, repairs and maintenance, and a website refresh. And, we finally started work on our staff #vegetable#garden which we'll update you on in one of our later blogs.

New water pipes were laid to our building at the entrance to TangleWood, glass removed and walls bricked up. Our firs tenant #Happy Hooker Pub & Coffee Shop is already in and we'll soon have the rest filled.

Our clients will be happy to know they can also pick up a pizza from the Happy Hooker.

#Boskop Dam's water levels have risen over the last few weeks to levels we haven't seen in many months and we have an abundance of #birdlife around TangleWood. Absolute #Bliss!!

Every cloud has a #silver#lining.

But...we've #missed our clients and we're looking forward to #welcoming you all back as restrictions start easing. Please take note of some changes we've made when we reopen for anglers and walkers on June 9, 2020.

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